Basic Facts About Forex Việt

Are you new to the business of forex việt? It might be overwhelming to think about how the Forex market is the world’s biggest financial market. There about $2 trillion transactions each day in the market involving several currencies. It has been this liquid since 1973 when currencies are allowed for free trading.


If you want to know more about Forex trading, here are some facts that you need to know about it:

  • The foreign exchange market is all about trading different major currencies in the world. These major currencies include the US Dollars, Swiss Francs, British Pounds, Euro, and Japanese Yens. The market also consists of banks, financial institutions, business houses, and governments.
  • The trading happens between 300 major international banks. They are not significantly affected even by major unexpected fluctuations because they have minimized their risks.


  • The market stays attractive because of its high leverage. You can trade in the market 25 to 50 times. You will have plenty of opportunities to make money as well as incur losses, which can be minimized if you understand the risks and know how to diversify them.
  • Forex trading is done in currency pairs. You make money from selling one currency and buying another one. A popular pair would be US Dollar and British Pound. You can form your own pairs. Depending on what you see is profitable, just like in sàn giao dịch vàng, you can sell US Dollars to buy British Pounds if you think you can make more profits with the Pounds.
  • The price fluctuations in the market are also affected by many factors, such as in trading vàng thế giới. These factors include the confidence of the people in the country, the policies of the country, and the economic conditions of the country. If the investors no longer believe in the profitability of the country, its currency can reduce in value fast.
  • Currency trading is all about speculating the fluctuations in the values of the currencies in the long term.

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